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Recyling Chute, Recycling made easy.

Components of the Chute


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  1. The Recycle Chute can be installed by a Homeowner or Contractor.
  2. Safety gloves and glasses should be worn to install the Chute.
  3. Locate desired area for Chute on both inside and outside wall.
  4. Locate area to install Chute ensuring there are no obstructions such as electrical wires or plumbing pipes and the desired location is between wall studs.
  5. Mark diameter size of Chute with pencil on interior wall (approx 8 “square).
  6. Cut out marked area on inside wall.
  7. Mark outside wall by drilling holes on each corner to indicate where to cut from the outside wall.
  8. Cut along where indicated by four holes to line up with the inside cut.
  9. Slide chute through from outside wall until flange is flush with the outside wall, mark and cut chute flush with inside wall.
  10. Secure Chute by screwing flange to exterior wall and seal with silicone caulking.
  11. Caulk door flange with caulking and adhere against wall to secure it to Chute.
  12. Allow caulking to dry before use.
  13. Chute can be painted if necessary to match kitchen color.
  14. Any questions please email us at recyclechute@yahoo.com.